How Reference Hub Works

For Employers

Reference Hub acts as a central repository for your employee data and provides references on a branded template, bespoke to your business.  All you need to do is provide us with a regular automated transfer of data to ensure the information is kept up to date. We offer two easy options for data transfer: either upload manually as a CSV file or take advantage of our real-time API tool for complete automation.

Advice for employees on how to obtain references for future job applications can be included in your leavers’ process and a link directing hiring companies to Reference Hub may also be added to your company website.

Sign up today for:

  • Automated process with no need to complete references manually
  • Branded references with bespoke templates
  • Reduced admin and postal costs
  • Highly secure data repository
  • Automated candidate approval workflow

For Hiring Companies

Reference Hub speeds up the process for prospective employers or pre-employment screening and vetting companies to obtain proof of an individual’s past employment.

To request a reference, you need to create an account and register through our website so that we can verify your company.  Once approved, you only need to select the company you wish to obtain the reference from and enter a few basic details about the applicant, including their NI number and contact details.

Once the applicant has been found in the database, they will be contacted to either approve or decline the release of their reference.  Once approved, the reference will be generated automatically and immediately available for download in pdf format.  If the reference request is declined by the applicant, the requester will be informed via the system.

Sign up today for:

  • Quicker reference turnaround
  • No more calls, chasing and hassle
  • Reduced admin and postal costs
  • Instant access to accurate data

The cost of getting the Reference from Reference Hub is as little as £3.00 per reference.