What is Reference Hub?

Reference Hub is an easy and cost-effective way to manage employee referencing online.

The benefits are simple:

Instant, accurate referencing

Hiring companies can instantly verify past job details for applicants, with no need to contact or chase former employers. Data comes directly from automatically uploaded HR records for accuracy and authenticity. The system is secure, easy to use and available 24/7/365.


The referencing process is centrally managed and fully automated, saving time and money for both hiring companies and former employers. Valuable in-house HR resources are freed from the time-consuming manual tasks involved in requesting, chasing and providing references, so their energies can be focused on business critical tasks.


Job applicants get a fast and accurate reference, with full control over who sees their employment history. Data is held in a secure central database and the reference will only be released once the applicant has given their permission via an automated, mobile-compatible authorisation workflow. View our full data security policy here.

How do I join Reference Hub?

If you want:

  • Quicker reference turnaround
  • No more calls, chasing and hassle
  • Reduced admin and postal costs
  • Instant access to accurate data
  • Mobile compatible solution

If you want:

  • Automated process with no need to complete references manually
  • Branded references with bespoke templates
  • Reduced admin and postal costs