About Reference Hub

Reduces the burden of employee referencing

Organisations across all sectors recognise the importance of rigorous pre-employment screening and vetting checks, causing an ever-increasing burden on employers to provide information.

Reference Hub is working with businesses large and small to automate this process, providing references through a highly secure, resilient online portal.  This means stretched HR teams can be released from the admin associated with requesting, chasing and providing references, allowing them to focus on more business-critical activities.

Working with Reference Hub is simple: all we need is a regular feed of data into our system. Once the data is in and we’ve agreed the format and level of reference you wish to provide, all you need to do is direct all reference enquiries to our portal. References are released once the candidate has given their permission via a simple email and SMS-enabled workflow.

Additionally, through our unique ‘My Employment Hub’, individuals can log in to view the information held on them, as well as to upload additional information such as criminality checks, proof of professional qualifications or training certifications for prospective employers to access during the vetting process.

Gets candidates into roles much quicker

Prospective employers also benefit as Reference Hub reduces the time taken for vetting or reference checks, allowing candidates to start in their new roles much quicker.

Once you’ve selected the correct company and requested the reference through the portal, all that’s required is for the candidate to authorise its release through an automated email and SMS-enabled workflow. You then simply log in and download a copy of the reference you’ve requested and the process is complete – often within 2-3 hours of your initial request. No chasing; no hassle; no delays.

Highly secure environment

Data security is at the heart of our business and we regularly review all our processes to ensure that they meet the latest best practice. All personal information is held in a secure encrypted database in ISO2001, Tier 4 UK data centres and access to raw data is strictly controlled. To find our more visit our Privacy Policy.